Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, we are based in The United States, but ship all of our products all over the world.

What are your shipping price estimates?

Unimac V4 Kit without LCD Panel:
In the United States – $3
Outside The United States – $12

UniMac V4 Kit with LCD Panel:
In The United States – $12
Outside The United States – $20
Canada – $15
Mexico – $15

Will the LCD panel from an iMac G5 work in an Intel iMac?

Short answer, no.
Long answer, the G5 panel is a TMDS type, the Intel panel is a LVDS type. They are absolutely incompatible with each other
Even with an adapter such as the UniMac, it still will not be acheived. In our opinion it is a road well traveled and not a worthwhile project.

Can the UniMac be used with a LED backlit screen?

At current it cannot, LED panels have a very different pinout. They also have different power requirements to light the LED array. There is also a high likelyhood that with no load on the CCFL inverter the iMac would refuse to display anyway.

How can I purchase your products?

Use the Store link on the top of the page, or use the contact link to send an email for special orders.

Can the iMac handle the High Resolution safely?

Absolutely, even the least powerful GMA950 model, is capable of running that resolution safely and reliably. Extensive testing has been done, and temperatures stayed well within acceptable ranges no matter what resolution was used.These iMacs are designed to be able to use an external display, and most decent sized monitors use an HD resolution.It doesn’t really put any extra stress on the GPU, if anything the GPU is underutilized at 1440×900.

What screens are compatible with the UniMac V4 Adapter?

Please see the Lcd Screen List
Keep in mind that those listed in the  “untested” section merely work in theory based on specification. Those listed in the tested section are guarenteed to work. We update this list whenever possible based on our own tests, and the verified tests of our customers. If you happen to use on of the untested screens, please let us know how it went.

When placing an order how do i know which resolution to choose?

This will be based solely on what screen you intend to use. You should decide on this before you order the adapter. The standard resolution adapter is designed to work only with 1440×900 resolution LCD panels.
The high resolution adapter is designed to work only with 1920×1200 LCD panels.
Determining resolution is usually as easy as putting the full model number (such as LG Lp171wu1 tl a3 ) into Google.
1920×1200 – WUXGA
1440×900 – WXGA+
If there is any doubt in your mind send us an email. It saves everyone involved alot of trouble to get you the right product the first time.

How difficult is the installation?

I would say “moderate”. If you can change the LCD in a laptop you can likely handle this.
Please check out the Installation Video for a start to finish view of exactly what it takes.