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    Working on a terminal and/or GUI app to perform the EFI mod easily.

    Looking for a few testers to test user experience and offer ideas for improvements.

    Pre-Alpha at the moment.


    Hi Adam I would love to Beta this App ,,I have a 2011 early BMP..When it was booting it was all the same scrambled screens shown on the net about the GPU being bad,,It use to boot right after getting hot but that is not working either right now..I have already done the PGU paste trick and that did nothing ,,the GPU chip looked like it has got pretty hot in the past..SO i am hoping this App works ..Thanks For having me ,,Adam


    cool, ill send it over to you.

    So just to clarify, at this point does the machine actually boot at all? If not there will be more involved than just running this app.

    So lets start there.


    it boots to the Apple logo,,I do Have a Chime ,after the boot indicator gets done i either have a Blank white screen ,or a all blue..i used to be able to load a new osx onto it but not any more,,,,maybe bot chips bad ,,what do you think,,


    ok. not the best situation, but it could certainly be worse.

    I would go ahead and create the Linux boot disk/usb and make sure that loads up correctly. Once we know you can get that far i will send you the utility and instructions on how to run it.


    OK Adam I went back to Yosemite and it works in safe mode.I got there by once again typing all the commands as per your YouTube ,,Now I can not for the life of me get a boot into the OS,,I am going to use the usb your site suggested to modify EFI BUT i Really wanted to try your Pre Beta ,,,And I wanted to know if it sticks for upgrading to a newer OS or has to be redone..


    At the moment, someone else testing brought up some issues with the automated app that he and i are working through.

    If you are following the youtube video, then it will not work. The youtube video shows the output from the app ( the code that is making the modifications is running in the background in the video)

    If you try to run the commands from OS X, this will fail. the EFIVARS partition is not available from OS X in any regard.

    If you are having GPU issues, then you are going to have a difficult time getting into OS X in most cases beyond Safe mode. Safe mode does not load the AMD GPU.

    for the record, the automated app is tested on nothing but a VM, and one MBP at this point. There is a very low chance it will be a fully automated solution at this point. Further development is required.

    You may be better off just following the current tutorial, which will produce a working machine, rather than this project which will require debugging at its current stage.


    I have done a reboot with the USB and the code is there for GPU setting Modifies as per video..all the numbers are correct,,But still no boot into OS X,,Got any idea,,I must be missing something..Its Getting Late I will Bang On the Keyboard tomorrow,,Also Will start posting in the part of the Forum.You See the file is there and intact and in the right place,,Clean install of Yosemite,,


    Yes, lets regroup tomorrow. I see that you are in the correct directory, and the GPUprefs file is there.


    Well my silly butt did a PRAM reset and lost the file ,,Gezzzzzzz,,LOL . Well I a part of the way there ,,Got safe mode but no running OS X..I have to get that working before i do the resister thing.


    New Progress Adam,,Soooo.I had a Green screen that was just awful to read and type on but i bumbled through the usb i made to get the code to get it loaded,,Than after that I ended up with the right Apple Logo and White screen to get into single User Mode and Finished off with Removing the AMD Kexts,,Hit Reboot and All it Good ,,Next step will be the resistor Trick to kill the chip and The Heat and Power Running that goes with it..Man Adam You Have to get me a Beta when its ready ,,all this typing to make this happen is a bummer ..LOL


    Hi Adam
    just wondering are you able to send me program that i can test?
    i have macbook pro 15 2011 GPU issue and i want to test efi mod utility



    Yes, i can email it to you tomorrow. Need to fix a few small issues before i send it, but it appears to be working as expected. I hope your testing will confirm this as well.

    If all goes well i hope to offer this to the public this week.

    Just so you are aware, it a linux python program, i have been using Ubuntu to develop and test. It should work on other Linux OS, but certainly not OSx or windows.


    thanks adam 🙂
    do you have my email address?



    Please let me know how it works for you.

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