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Hi there guys. I’m not sure if I should open another thread. First of all i would like to ask Adam to erase this post ( I solved the problem booting from cd instead usb and worked out perfectly. Sorry about that.
Well, everything went ok with the gpu repair (radeon bypass and R8911 removal) but I’m having another problem…

This is the thing. This motherboard had a reflow on the radeon about 2 years ago. I modified the back cover drilling some holes to let some air in, and it worked good ’til last november. I have a recording studio and as I was mixing, it just crashed. I turned it off. Turned it on again and had just a white screen. So that’s the last thing I did with that MBP. I have another and started working with that one. So a couple of days ago I started searching if a gpu bypass was possible and here I am. Well the thing is that the mb only starts with a smc bypass (connecting the magsafe while holding the power button for 10 seconds. I didn’t had to do that before, even after the gpu crashed. I thought it was because of the battery being fully discharged (for being almost 3 months in the bag). Tried smc reset. Tried nvpram reset (before doing the gpu work – I don’t wanna do it now as advertised on the tutorial). Tried unplugging the battery for 24 hours, tried charging for the same time and nothing. In normal conditions fans just spin and the machine turns off. With smc bypass it turns on ok but the system only boot’s ok in safe boot mode. I think I’m having some other electronic problem, but I really don’t know where to find. Oh, battery doesn’t charge at all (it was working ok before) and it’s not recognized on safe boot mode. Magsafe light is always green.

The GPU repair worked flawlessly. The radeon gpu is not recognized anymore.

Sorry for being too long on the story, I think every detail can give you guys a clue of what’s happening.