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    For what it’s worth, after sleep, when the computer wakes up and the display stays black, it is still possible to ssh into it – so if useful we could get further diagnostics from the machine when it is in that state…


    Same issue hear. OSX Sierra ok, OSX High Sierra F1/F2 has no control and if one closed lid, will not wake up. BYW, I have 2011 MBP with same display bezel on two machines.

    Let me know If you guys come up with a solution…

    David Rounds

    I’m having the same behavior that sedwo is having. Initially I purchased and used the utility which seemed to work for the initial regular boot. I didn’t immediately remove R8911 and the problem returned on the next reboot. I again did an EFI boot and ran the script and the video problems were again resolved. I’ve actually repeated this several times over the course of a month or so. The machine had been in sleep mode for several weeks until yesterday when I came out of sleep mode then shut it down and removed R8911. I was surprised when I powered it on to have no video at all. I understand that I can bridge the R8911 pads and “redo” the procedure but I’m not sure what that will do for me. Since I’m running the script I know I didn’t miss a step. I too am running High Sierra.


    After the patch, safe boot procedure shutdown, and removing the resistor the Mac works with the Intel graphics only but once it sleeps and then woken up the keyboard backlight turns on but no display on screen.

    In other words, macOS 10.13.2 will not come out of sleep… fully. no display but keyboard backlight and error sounds when you hit keys

    Are you going to fix this or not?

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    If i had an answer, you would have it.

    As far as progress goes, its been determined that it is indeed comming out of sleep, but the screen is not being signaled to turn on. Why this is, i do not know yet. These things take time.

    This problem does not exist on sierra if you wanted to switch until this is sorted. That is the best option currently.

    – Adam


    Wow that was shitty, Slick.

    Adam – you’re a rockstar. I appreciate your work so much. Downgraded below HighSierra and all is well. You saved me from scrapping an otherwise fine machine. Thanks.


    Thanks. Happy to have helped.

    Im hopeful his comment only came across as rude, and that wasn’t his intention. I don’t mind people keeping on me about this stuff, but i promise, complaining wont get it done any sooner 😉

    – Adam



    first hello everybody.

    It is posible do this fix with mac mini 2011 5.2 with radeon 6630m It has the same ISL6263?



    Hey ROTOR, what type of issue are you having? The Mac Mini is usually solid. Let me know and we can go from there.


    So if I’m correct not solution to this problem?
    I’m having it too…


    Long history: I knew the MBP radeon failure rate but not usually repair that such of thing. I not and expert.

    Last week a went to visit my brother where he lives with his sons. He has a Mac mini 5.2 with 6630m. It has random shutdown frezzen problems but It was so random.

    My first and wrong idea it was that gpu it was dead, as I said i was wrong. And After about 6 hours and with the only help of a polimeter I found the problem was the PSU. I order one and in tree days the MM was fixed.

    But looking into the gpu problem I found this forum I the doubt came to me about if it posible apply the MBP FIX to mac mini 5.2

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